How Do I Book an Appoinment?

There are a variety of ways to book a tattoo. You can call us directly at the shop at (306) 359-0130, you can message Chris or Jesse through facebook, or feel free to drop in to the shop. Our hours are Monday to Saturday, 11-5. 

Do You Do Walk-Ins?

We do not do walk-ins. As most of our tattoos are custom, all tattoos are by appointment only.

Is There A Deposit Fee?

Yes. The deposit fee is $100, and will go towards the final cost of your tattoo.

What Are The Rates For A Tattoo?

Our artists charge $140/hr + GST. Our artist do not charge for drawing or consultation time, just the time in the chair.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

We currently only accept cash as payment.

I've Got an Appointment, When Can I See the Drawing?

Generally the drawing or design will only be shown the day of, unless previously discussed and agreed upon by the artist. This is due to the busy schedule of the artists, and the constant refinement of the designs. This is to ensure the best design will be presented to you for your appointment.

Is Tattooing Painful?

Unfortunately, yes, tattooing is not a pain-free experience. While it various for everyone, most people will at least feel a slight irritation. Some spots are also more painful that others, ie. ribs, joints, underarms.

What Is The Minimum Age To Get Tattooed?

You must be at least 18 years of age to get tattooed.